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Stephen Celis

847 666-5297
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Hi. I spend most of my time working with the iPhone, Ruby and web at large; in Chicago and online; on my own and with my favorite incubator, Eight Bit Studios.

I build things for folks like Viewpoints and Sears, Trident, Life Fitness, Oprah’s Angel Network, and Butterball.

I just like building things in general. 1 My date range picker, Timeframe, earned me the Wired Magazine honor of JavaScript guru, and fared well on the Delicious and Reddit front pages. 2 My now-defunct, social-dating start-up, WeNeither, encouraged its users to meet people you like through things you hate, attracted hundreds of users to each other, and gathered respect from the London Times, Chicago Reader, and Mental Floss.

If you’d like to discuss your next big web or iPhone app, or inquire about general contract work or consultation, please get in touch.